My Creepy Climate Change Mixed Tape

I created Spotify Playlist, Creepy Climate Change, with over 250 songs from multiple genres. They each has something to do with some aspect of the climate emergency (and some are funny, phew!)

all good girls go to hell by Billie Eilish

Some highlights include:
I Make it Hot by Spose (which is both hilarious and searing)
Elephant in the Room by Chris Thile
When the Wheels Don’t Move by Son Volt
Message in a Bottle by All Saints and Sting
Self Evident by Ani DiFranco
Amaze Me by Girly Man
all good girls go to hell by Billie Eilish (Oh, and totally check out the music video for this one! Yikes and Wow!)
Manu thanks to Kendra Pierre-Louis on Where’s Our Climate Anthem? by HOW TO SAVE A PLANET
Featured Photo of cassette by Stas Knop from Pexels

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