Close Encounters of the Chambers Kind

Former ex-gay Shawn O’Donnell got to hear Exodus International president Alan Chambers speak on Tuesday for Safe Space the ex-gay group that meets at the Willow Creek Community Multiplex, um Church in Barrington, IL (near Chicago).

Alan recognized Shawn, chatted with him during the break between the talk and questions, then fielded Shawn’s questions.

When we were allowed to ask questions I raised my hand quickly. Alan responded, “yes Shawn”

Shawn says — Alan you said multiple times that your Dad was absent in your life and because of that you feel that it emasculated you making you more effeminte or you grew more attached to your mother and that is what made you gay. If so why aren’t your brothers gay?

Alan says — Well its very complicated I believe there are more than one contributing factors to me being gay. Does that answer your question?

Shawn says — No, what about your brothers.

Alan says — Well, they have problems too, but their problems are different.


Next question

Shawn says — So Alan do you believe it is ok to be a Christian man and to be gay.

Alan says — Yes, I do believe it is ok to be Christian and gay. Being gay never made me unhappy I just wanted something better.

Shawn — So what is the problem. What are we doing here if it is ok to be Christian and gay. I have heard Alan say that he doesn’t believe that gay people are going to hell. So if there is no reason for us to change what are they fighting for. What is the issue.

You can read more for yourself: Alan Chambers Speaks at Willow Creek.

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  1. Willie Hewes on November 17, 2006 at 3:47 pm

    Ha ha! Yeah, what is the issue?

    You can’t beat the ex-gay crowd when it comes to talking oneself into a corner, can you?

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