Climate Stew. Coming SOON!

Turns out my nine month sabbatical was not all about watching YouTube and growing tomatoes! In addition to the redesign of this website, the formation of an excellent team, the premiere of my newest play on October 15, two new talks (this and this), and a nearly completed second draft of a memoir–PHEW–next week I will launch and the Climate Stew podcast.

I find most climate change blogs are terribly boring and impersonal. Ok, I know we shouldn’t have to be entertained while researching the greatest threat to civilization since Noah’s zombie apocalypse plague asteroid alien invasion, but the reality is, this shit is scary. If we want people to learn about what is happening in our world, we need to develop creative ways of engaging people.

For me global warming is not simply about science and policy (and definitely not about a debate over if it is happening or not or why.) For me global warming is about people, human rights, environmental justice, food, peace, oh and coffee and pasta. So the new website will focus on people now and throughout history facing crisis with extraordinary creativity and resolve. It will look at climate change from some weird angles. Both the podcast and the website will not shy away from the seriousness of global warming.

The first episode of Climate Stew podcast will begin:

This is Climate Stew, the podcast that takes a serious look at climate change but doesn’t try to scare the snot out of you. Explore your role on a new planet with your host, Peterson Toscano. 

Each episode will be short (I’m aiming for 10 minutes or less) and will have three segments.

  1. A current climate news story. Just one story which might be good news, disturbing news, hopeful news.
  2. The main segment. This will vary. Sometimes an interview (like with environmental science teacher, Dr. Jennifer O’Brien, who knows more about pop culture than anyone I know.) It might be the introduction of a concept that we can discuss in Twitter, Facebook and on the site (like: what might be a queer response to climate change?/ how do we work through the grief of a broken planet? / what’s behind all the denial? / what are the different types of deniers and which one am I?) It might also be performance or comedy, because the world seriously needs climate change comedy right about now.
  3. Finally, the last segment, This Day in Climate History: A Report from the future that revisits the past to consider how we might respond to global warming in the present. It’s hard to explain, but listen once and you will get it.

We will roll out the new site and the new podcast next Monday (September 15, 2014) in advance of the historic Peoples Climate March. I cannot tell you how excited and thrilled (I couldn’t sleep last night!) about sharing with you some Climate Stew!


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