Climate Change Comedy?

As a lover of comedy, I tend to watch a lot of sitcoms and standup. Lately I have been obsessed with the short silent films Buster Keaton created over 100 years ago. I am also reading David Bianculli’s book about the Smothers Brothers, a comedy duo who had an American TV show that paved the way for so many people and was a pre-cursor to Saturday Night Live.

While zany slapstick comedy works for me just fine, I do appreciate comedy with a message behind it. As someone concerned about climate change, I am always on the hunt for good climate change comedy. It is harder to find than you might imagine. While people love making fun of those people who are dismissive of climate change, beyond mocking these folks, there has been little comedy produced around climate change.

I was thrilled to interview Brian Ettling, a climate change comic who landed a national appearance on the Tosh.O TV show. Brian and I have a fun, free-wheeling conversation about the role of comedy, the challenges of climate comedy, and how talking about climate change is like passing gas at a dinner party. Lots of laughs and insights. Check it out at Citizens’ Climate Radio.

Citizens Climate Radio Ep 24 Show Notes

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