Chatting with writer Claire Vaye Watkins

Claire Vaye Watkins

Ever since I partnered up with a writer, Glen Retief, my life has been enriched by the many writers that I meet. These days I attend readings with some pretty awesome folks sharing their work: Aminatta Forna, Karla Kelsey, Natalie Diaz, Lydia Davis, Claudia Rankin, Honor Moore, Carolyn Forché, and George Saunders.

I first met Claire Vaye Watkins and her partner, writer, Derek Palacio, when they lived nearby and worked at Bucknell University. It was only after they moved away, I learned Claire had been working on a climate changed-themed novel during her time at Bucknell. We never spoke about climate change at that time, but after hearing an interview of Claire on WNYC’s On the Media, I learned about her book, Gold Fame Citrus.

This past fall I sat down and chatted with Claire about the book and her musings around climate change. As a creative writer, she is  free to imagine all sorts of scenarios; she let’s her mind go to deliciously creative places and some tight scary spaces. What she shared with me is powerful, moving, at time hilarious, thought-provoking, and challenging. I am pleased to feature this interview in the latest episode of Citizens’ Climate Radio.

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