He’s come down with a serious case of the demons. Bible Bash Ep 16

Mark chapter Five completely fascinates me. It is a day in the life of Jesus and the gang, and wow, what a wild ride. By the end of the day a whole bunch of people are angry with Jesus and frustrated by him. Sure there are some healings, but at the expense of pigs and a lot of stress. There was also a close call where Jesus and the disciples almost got completely stoned, and not in the party way.

Throughout Jesus disrupts people’s expectations, leaves people out, ignores the high and mighty, and defies social norms. Hear Liam Hooper and me talk about this bizarre and extraordinary series of stories in Mark Five. How often LGBTQI people have been treated as problems to solve. Yet Jesus says, “Go in Peace, my child, your faith has healed you,” even if society is still sick.

Hear it on the Bible Bash Podcast.

Featured Photo by Monika Kubala on Unsplash


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