Cancer–It’s a laughing matter

Over at I posted a new personal essay, Cancer. What a Joke!

As soon as a friend, an acquaintance, or even the man-on-the-street discovered I had a loved one who was seriously ill, I ran into a typical line of questioning.

They: Oh no, your mother is not well. What does she have?

Me: Cancer.

They: Awful, what kind of cancer?

Me: Lung Cancer

(Bet you can predict the next question.)

They: Did she smoke?

Now perhaps pre-cancerous mom I would have asked a similar line of questions to a grieving friend. These questions seem automatic, like when you start to pee; it’s just so darn hard to stop midstream. But suddenly, in the Cancer Zone, though the final question seemed ugly, cruel, and  completely unnecessary.

Discover how I ultimately answered that question here.


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