Can Gay be Cured? A wild and deep radio interview

Same Sex Dialogue hosts, K-Town and Kim Style

Same Sex Dialogue hosts, K-Town and Kim Style

I have become a fan of Same-Sex Dialogue, a podcast that discusses life experiences and what’s going on in today’s society from a lesbian couple’s perspective. Hosts K-Town & Kim Style are hilarious and really nice people. They also take on topics that many people in the USA and beyond still find challenging and helpful to discuss.

There are people all over the US and in the South where the hosts live, who are still struggling with issues some folks feel everyone put behind a decade ago: What does the Bible say about Homosexuality? How do I deal with parents who reject me for being LGBTQ? Dealing with homophobic and heterosexist friends and family. 

K-Town and Kim Style remind us that, yes, It Gets Better, but not for everyone and not the same pace everywhere.

Recent show topics include:

After listening to a few episodes, laughing my ass off, and connecting with the many issues and struggles they brought up, I reached out to them. This weekend they sat me down for an interview that covered a lot of ground. In particular we spent time on the ex-gay movement and my time in Tennessee at the Love in Action residential ex-gay treatment facility–what I call the Homo No Mo Halfway House.

We laughed and also talked about deep issues, heart issues. You can hear our conversation, here, or listen on YouTube below. And check out their Facebook page.


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