Calling Artistic Activists: Inauguration Reflection


Understandably some people feel today marks the beginning of the end of America and the rule of law in this country leading to devastating global effects. To me today is the launching off point for an explosion of creative, fierce, artful activism. I go into this weekend feeling focused and determined, inspired to be more disciplined in my work and more open to connecting with comrades and co-laborers.

I am not looking through rose-tinted glasses; we face real risks, for some more than others, but I DO NOT feel defeated at all. And it is not like we have been living without the need to address multiple oppressions and oppressors, although some people have felt these more sharply than others.

Today we continue work as we begin anew. This is an Inauguration for artists and activists as we serve a new term of action.

All aboard!


(2017 inauguration image: Patrick Semansky/AP Photo)

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