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Gay Porn, Kissinger, and Cow Bells: Ep 7 Bubble&Squeak

On the latest Bubble&Squeak podcast, we travel the world–silver service in NYC, gay porn out of LA, and cows with bells in the Swiss Alps.

The show comes in three parts:

Part One a True Story entitled, “What is this?” It takes place in the dinning rooms on the 50th floor of the American Express Tower in Lower Manhattan in the mid-1980s. I was a nervous country boy desperately try to find a cure for being gay. (NYC might not have been the wisest choice for that mission.)

One day in the dinning room, I had to serve former President Gerald Ford and Henry Kissinger, the former secretary of state. Turns out Kissinger was very hard to please.

Part Two a Television transmission from the future: Turner Classic Movies presents, “Masturbate Theatre.

Utilizing the actual wording from gay porn in the eighties, nineties, and noughties, I create a radio play that reveals  thatin the future they will greatly admire the terrible dialogue in late 20th Century gay porn.

You will not only hear the descriptions of three real movies and the awards they won, but even here an audio clip from one of them. Of course couched in the serious formal analysis of the Turner Classic Movie host, it becomes downright silly.

Part Three a Sound Slice, created for us by Taylor Lightman in the Alps. With Taylor’s brief introduction, the section is moving, reflective, and moving.

Episode Six: Masturbate Theatre

Featured Photo by Tobias Oetiker on Unsplash

Censorship and Butt Sex

Seems butt action has popped up twice in my creative work recently. For I wrote the article, Butt Demons and Climate Denial. A few days later I uploaded the latest Bubble&Squeak podcast episode, Ass Whisperer.

In the essay I reflect on the wacky things I did to de-gay myself. This included an uncomfortable exorcism designed to extract demons that may have entered my butt through sex.

Joanne believed the demons entered me directly. “You probably picked up these demons when you had sex with another man.” In other words, an STD—a sexually transmitted demon. This was in the mid-1980’s at the beginning of the HIV/AIDS Crisis when researchers and public health experts began warning the public that the virus spread through body fluids exchanged during sexual activity. As I sat on her bed in a New York high rise with the city laid out before me erect with skyscrapers, she explained the dangers of spiritual transmissions. “If you had oral sex, demons crawled down your throat. If you engaged in anal activity, well, then, that’s how they got in. They quickly take over.”

I know a thing or two about denial. I wonder about how my gay denial is similar and different to climate denial. Turns out there are all sorts of climate denial–not just the outright rejecting of climate science. I explore these.

While some people may not deny the reality of climate change, they may be in denial about how serious the crisis is and what it means for us. They assume we can all just lower our carbon footprints, recycle, and buy the right eco-products, and we will eventually tackle climate change. Though well-meaning, these actions do not recognize the severity of the problem. As my husband, Glen, likes to say, “It’s like giving an aspirin to a cancer patient.” Large problems require large solutions.

Many religious leaders are in denial about the responsibility they have in pursuing solutions. They may pop up a solar panel on the church roof and get rid of styrofoam cups for coffee time, yet they renege on their call to provide pastoral care for their congregations and community. People are frightened, angry, overwhelmed, and hopeless. Ministers have tools and training to meet these needs.

I also write about “Hope Deniers,” those people who think we have gone too far and there is no fix, so we might as well give up. Please read and share the article:

Butt Demons and Climate Denial

The only known photo of Marvin Bloom

I end the piece with an appeal for action–no not to lower your carbon footprint. I provide alternative actions that people often undervalue but actually can have great impact.

With Bubble&Squeak I put together three things that seem to have little to do with each other.

  • Part one: Matthew Billy from the podcast Bleeped talks about censorship. From Drag Queen Story Hour to Mapplethorpe’s nude photos to climate change, he exposes the censors.
  • Part two: A prank call I made in 2010. I called sex advice expert Dan Savage host of the Savage Love podcast. I actually called in character, as Marvin Bloom. Mavin asked about struggles with anal sex. Dan took the call and aired it on Ep 202 of Savage Love Podcast.
  • Part three: a sound slice–The Path train from NJ to NYC

You can hear Bubble&Squeak wherever you get podcasts or just follow this link.

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Grindr Jesus?!?

What If?

I love “what if” scenarios. I once facilitated a weekend retreat for LGBTQ Christians. Instead of the traditional Bible study and discussion groups, I gave them a series of bizarre tasks around sexuality, identity, and faith. They had to create ads sponsored by the church that promoted better sex. I even gave each group specific sex acts to advertise. “This group gets oral sex. This group gets masturbation. This group gets anal play…”

The goal was to break down the walls that fear and shame erected in our lives when it came to the meeting point of faith and sexuality.

What if Jesus was on Grindr?

Perhaps the most provocative activity was when I had them create a Grindr profile for Jesus. Through consensus we had to decide everything from Jesus’ height, weight, and ethnicity to what Jesus wanted on this gay “dating” app. We actually never completed the activity, but it was enough to get people thinking, feeling, and revealing.

In the latest episode of the Bubble&Squeak podcast, I comically revisit this idea through my character Chad. You might remember Chad from the play Doin’ Time in the Homo No Mo Halfway House. He’s very fem and enthusiastic. Good news is he has since come out super gay. In this short radio play I have him hosting a YouTube channel. He experiments with Grindr. Not only does he find out the other gays are super mean, he also encounters Jesus–the real Jesus of Nazareth.

You can hear (and subscribe) to Bubble&Squeak wherever you get podcasts. Or just click on the link below!

Part one: I revisit a story from Episode One, “Is that all you got?” where I was mugged at gunpoint. The mugger had me take off all my clothes. I have so many questions for the mugger in this story.
Part two: YouTuber Chad discovers Jesus of Nazareth’s profile on Grindr.
Part three: A sound slice from an ancient Mexican sacred pyramid, Los Guachimontones