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How They Found Me

I sometimes feel tickled (and sometimes shocked) when I look the stats for my blogs and see the keywords people plug in that eventually gets them to me. Interestingly enough, everyday someone finds me with a search for pitt bulls. I write about ex-gay stuff everyday but I have the pitt bulls to thank for the traffic.

Here is a list of the most recent keywords that got people to this blog and where they come from.

  • pitt bull (hungary)
  • clips video how hewes (unknown)
  • christian autumn poems (pittsburgh, pa)
  • gay scotland pics (vancouver, british columbia)
  • john smid love in action (albany, ny)
  • black pitt bulls (jersey city, nj)
  • beastiality nova scotia (halifax, nova scotia–better warn the neighbors)

Although the traffic is much much less for the Spanish blog Adriana and I maintain, nearly all of the visitors come from a web search. (I only had the seven above for A Musing, which averages 200 unique visits daily, while Dos Equis has 65 key word searches for the past two days and about that many visitors) As I have written before, some of their key words sound like secret confessions of desperate people.

  • hijo homosexual (gay son)
  • como identificar un gay (how to spot a gay–this one comes up often in many different forms)
  • mi pareja dice que no me ama (my spouse says s/he doesn’t love me)
  • mi hija es lesbiana (my daughter is lesbian)
  • cambio de homosexual a heterosexual (gay to straight change)
  • mi esposo es gay (my husband is gay)
  • como vivir con un hijo gay (how to live with a gay son)
  • divorcio por que el marido es homosexual (divorce because my husband is gay)
  • como vivir con un marido homosexual (how to live with a gay husband)
  • padres con hijos gays (parents with gay children)
  • como ayudar a mi hija lesbiana (how to help my lesbian daughter)

And it goes on and on and on.