Bible Bash Podcast Premieres

A Northern Belle and a Southern Gentleman

Discuss Bible Texts and Other Texts.

Gay Bible scholar Peterson Toscano & Trans Bible Scholar Liam Hooper present queer readings of the Bible.

Liam M. Hooper

It has been over a year in the works, but at long last Liam Hooper and I have dropped the first three episodes of Bible Bash Podcast. Each episode includes one of us talking about a Bible text. The other of us responds and asks questions and engages in a lively discussion. Finally, the one who did not present the Bible passage reads an “other text,” a non-Biblical text contemporary or ancient.

About Liam

Liam is an out, active, and proud trans-masculine  gender theorist, theological activist, educator, and professional trainer. He has previous experience as a mental health counselor, clinical director and program developer. Liam regularly appears as a workshop presenter and on panels at national conferences, is a an active member of Transfaith, and regularly collaborates with several other local, regional and national organizations.

Liam received a bachelors degree in Psychology from Winston Salem State and his MDiv from Wake Forest School of Divinity. Ordained within the United Church of Christ in 2016, Liam lives in North Carolina with his wife and their teenage son. He splits his time between his work and travel with MBW and completing a book of radical, trans-que(e)ried theology. When he can, he enjoys creative down-time in his wood shop, tending the iris beds, learning to play his guitar and mandolin, and spending time with his spouse.

About Bible Bash Podcast

The show is designed for LGBTQ+ people and our supporters/admirers, and weaves in Biblical scholarship with commentary about current events. Each episode is exactly 30 minutes in length. In future shows we want to open up the presenter role to include other people who are doing work around the Bible. You can hear the show on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher Radio, and Podbean. Our logo was designed by Diana Coe. The theme music is by the Jellyrox from the album Bang and Whimper. You can find it on iTunes, Spotify, or wherever you listen to music.

In the first three episodes we look at

  1. The earth being in Genesis chapter two.
  2. The Other Ethiopian Eunuch in Jeremiah 38
  3. Hagar and Ishmael in Genesis 16 & 21

The “other texts” include two modern poems and a reading from the ancient poem Gilgamesh (which is delightfully queer.)

Liam and I would love to take suggestions and requests about passages to cover, so feel free to leave comments below. You can also connect with Liam through Ministries Beyond Welcome.

When you listen, you will hear a promo for my other new podcast Bubble&Squeak, but don’t look for it yet. It actually premieres later this month.

Here are the first three episodes of Bible Bash Podcast!!


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