And in Sports News…

Little known trivia, Ever since I taught the son of UCONN’s president, I really enjoy the NCAA March Madness championships (we’re talking about U.S college basketball here.)

This year is extra special with the amazing fact that the Memphis Tigers’ men are in it and doing so well (I attended U of Memphis a few years back and would go to the games when Coach Calipari first took on the team.)

Plus the Tennessee Lady Vols team is on fire with Candance Parker dunking twice in Sunday’s game! According to Sports Illustrated, “She became the first female player to dunk in an NCAA tournament game, the first to do it twice in any game and only the fourth college woman to do it. Ever.”

Although I live in UCONN Huskies territory, I am rooting for the Tigers and Vols to take the championship this year. (sorry Sarah 🙂

To learn a little about queer folks in sport, check out Wayne Besen’s recent piece Breaking Out of the Sports Closet.

(hat tip to Tiffany at for a heads-up on Parker’s dunks.)

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