An Easter Reflection–those troublesome graveclothes come off

The story of Easter resonates for many. A death–an ending–is overturned.

Unexpected, impossible New Life.

Many of us who lived in the closet felt as if we were reborn when we finally came out. Or perhaps we were trapped in a bad relationship or after a long illness, we experienced new life. The tomb takes on many forms.

Lazarus comes out of his tomb after four days dead and decomposing. Wrapped tight in the grave clothes, unable to move freely or see, Jesus tells his disciples, “Take off the grave clothes and let him go.”

We may come out of our tombs, but we are not necessarily immediately free. We may have had years of grave clothes–fear, shame, low-self esteem, self-doubts, and lies, choking us.

That’s when we can experience the power of community, which may include learning to trust again. Loving friends come along side of us to help us unwrap from the tangled past, to love us back to life, so that we can fully enjoy this new life that came to us so unexpectedly.


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