Almost Home and Apparently Schizophrenic

I fly out of London tomorrow morning heading for NYC and then taking the bus up to Hartford. Phew. I have been away for a little more than a month, but it feels much longer. This trip has taken me to England, Wales, back to England, Northern Ireland, Catalonia, Spain, back to Catalonia, then back to England. I got to see LOADS of Auntie Doris (smooches) and even got little trips in to see Contemplative Activist, John Henson, and my dear friends Jo and Ali in Wakefield. Today I traveled down to Southampton for lunch with Candy, the mother of Esther, my lovely host in Reading and a fellow Quaker.

I had a lovely dinner over at the home Nalini’s and her partner Robert, Esther’s good friends. Had a GREAT show in Reading last night with a large enthusiastic crowd. (I did wind them up a little by promising that they had the power to make me do crazy things on stage just by their laughter and applause and if they played their cards right, I would become their very own performing monkey, which is sorta what happens during Vlad’s dance).

Barcelona with our conference about Reparative Therapy was a HUGE success. We had over 100 people come to the event, people who represented a diverse swath of the population. We also had loads of press coverage with lots of TV interviews and such. I will write more and put up photos and videos in the next week.

Northern Ireland was also a real treat as I got to know the folks in the Icon Community as well as got to travel to Newcastle, Northern Ireland and stay with the sweetest family ever (and even got to practice my Spanish with a three year old)

All around an excellent trip, and I will write more and share more about it in the coming days. I return to Europe next month with a trip to Malta and then some presentations during the Lambeth Conference. My upcoming visit is getting some people chatting including this blog where one commenter unearthed the secret to my theatrical success–schizophrenia!

I am THRILLED to announce that next weekend my dad, Pete Toscano, and I will travel to Chicago to be part of Soulforce’s American Family Outing which will take place this time at Willow Creek Community Church near Chicago. After hearing some about my father and seeing him recently on TV and in film talking about being the parent of someone who has survived the ex-gay movement, they asked if my dad would be willing to come with me to the event. He said yes, so off we go to this VERY large church. You can read more about the outing here.

Soulforce does organizes these outings in hopes of generating a conversation about LGBT issues among different types of families. I know my dad will be a wonderful addition to the team (and will very likely come up with some very original one-liners.) If you would like to contribute to getting my day and me to this event, visit the donation page and in the comments say that your gift is to go towards getting two wacky Toscanos to a mega church.

Must head off to bed for an early drive to Heathrow. Oh, but before I do, have you yet ordered your Homo No Mo Halfway House DVD???

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  1. bridgeout on June 2, 2008 at 11:01 pm

    Oh my goodness! What a trip! I would be exhausted… but probably energized by all I experienced! 🙂
    Just saw you in my “Advocate” from this month. I was like “that guy is on my blogroll.” 😉
    Take care,

  2. Bruce Garrett on June 3, 2008 at 5:54 pm

    So…Chad has the power of mind control! That’s what all that finger snapping he does is about, eh? So talented that one. But does he even know? (It’s tempting to ask the guy on that blog who said he knows a thing or two about mind control techniques if he’s sure he really knows about mind control or if his knowledge was planted in his mind to keep him from knowing. But I suppose that would be cruel…)

    I’m so happy to hear you’re going to Lambeth! What a great teaching opportunity. Best wishes with it!

  3. Joe Moderate on June 3, 2008 at 6:32 pm

    Welcome home, our Schizo Friend! 🙂 I saw a quote from the crazy blog entry about you over at ex-gay watch. Wow, that guy really thinks you’re possessed or something; weird!

    So glad to hear about a full, successful trip to Europe. Also thrilled to hear that you and your dad are coming to Illinois for the Soulforce action at Willow Creek. I hope things go very well for you guys!

    And yes, I have already ordered my DVD 🙂

  4. Derrick on June 4, 2008 at 1:01 am

    Keep up the good work, Peterson!

    I work as a teacher in the ever-know Montgomery County, Maryland and have been battling groups like PFOX and (Citizens for a Responsible Curriculum) for the past couple of years with their “ex-“gay crap-in-a-box. I am so proud of you!!! Thank you!

  5. Diana_CT on June 4, 2008 at 10:15 am

    Will you be heading up to Trans Pride in Northampton on Saturday?

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