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Gay, Christian and Spanish speaking? Where do you go?

I haven’t found many Spanish language blogs yet that explore the challenges that LGBT people of faith often face. In this past year I have met men and women from South and Central America and Spain who have struggled with their sexuality because of their Christian faith and society in general. They have learned to accept themselves but still face intense battles from family and friends and often do not know what to do with the faith of their childhood.

Recently I met Ariadna, a lesbian Christian originally from Colombia who currently studies at a school of religion here in the states. She and I have partnered together to create Dos Equis (XX as in ex-ex-gay) a Spanish language blog that will talk about faith, sexuality, the ex-gay movement and our journeys.


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  1. Teri on August 21, 2006 at 4:15 am

    I once met a bisexual father who taught parents how to deal with gay children, and he taught it in the Catholic church.

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