Adapt, Adapting, Adaptation

Ever since I started listening to Doug Parsons from the America Adapt Podcast, I have been thinking about climate adaptation. Sure I am working hard to change how we get our energy; we need to ditch the fossil fuels and move into a more realistic and safer means of energy production. I recognize though that limiting and even ending the causes of greenhouse gas pollution is not all the work we need to do. We feel the impacts of climate change and we will feel them even more. We need to prepare our communities for the extreme weather that is upon us and will intensify.

For Citizens Climate Radio I chat with Doug about adaptation. He gives excellent examples and highlights how adaptation work can actually lead to more mitigation work.

In this episode you will also hear an excerpt from a conversation Doug Parsons has with Dr. Carolyn Kousky, the Executive Director at the Wharton Risk Management and Decision Processes Center at the University of Pennsylvania. They discuss how wildfires in California drove their utility into bankruptcy and what policy reforms are needed to prevent this from happening again.

Joining us in the Art House is musician and composer Jason Davis. Jason curates The site hosts videos from people all over the world. They reveal the impacts of climate change in their lives, and how they are responding. Jason takes some of these stories and composes music to accompany them. You will hear a moving and powerful testimony from John Sinnok, Inuit elder in Alaska. Woven around the story is Jason’s haunting and beautiful composition for the double bass. He calls the piece Footsteps in Snow. You will also learn how you can share your own story on the website.


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