A Scientist Straightens Me Out–Well Kinda

I recently sat down with Dr. Kathy Straub, an atmospheric scientist who does research and teaches at Susquehanna University. She dispelled some climate change myths that her undergraduate students carry with them into the classroom. Turns out all that carbon footprint calculating doesn’t make much difference. I know shocking, right? If you have 12 minutes, turn on the Climate Stew Show which you can hear on iTunes and Stitcher or listen directly from the Climate Stew Website.

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The global warming show that is not afraid to be funny

This is not your typical gloom and doom global warming freak the shit out of you and then make you feel guilty climate change program. Infused with hope and humor, you will  have a laugh and may even learn something. I also include some wonderful music from the Dusted Wax Kingdom label. Wow, they have so many great artists and albums.


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