A Blogger Returns wtih Insights and Tenderness

After a long absence, South African blogger and podcaster, Dampies, has posted four entries on his blog which he now calls New Creations Blues (formally me and my black hole of anger) He shares about where he is at these days.

I think however that if we are all to be honest, we can only ever reflect the part of our journey we are on. There has been a time when I resolutely called myself “no longer under the curse of death” (read: homosexual). After that I said I was no longer gay (read: that I had revoked my choice to live a gay lifestyle). After that I started admitting that I still had same-sex attractions, but that didn’t mean that I was gay because the attractions were unwanted (and still are). Now I have moved one step further. I am in a place where I would rather stay in some sort of denial position and not say anything at all, because the issues are SO complex and it is simply not possible to reduce any person’s journey to a formula that will work for everybody. But I can tell you, that people are more important than their ideology and God thinks so too.

I like how in all four posts he brings out the complexity of the issues with a gentleness towards himself and others that I often see missing from many ex-gays (and gays). He also shows love for his former homosexual self, something that I never was able to do when I identified as ex-gay.

When you get a chance, read more here, here, here, and here.

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